This was taken at Goree Island , I felt pure bliss that day…I’ve been wanting to be in Dakar so bad and feel the water on my feet that it felt like a dream come true:)

I’ve decided about 1 year ago to move back to Dakar the capital of Senegal,

U see  I am half Malian on my mummy side and half Senegalese on my daddy’side.w/1 bit of Guinean blood running through my veins…anywhoo I am in no way the biggest expert on Senegal and its traditions and its music ect….

But I am just a progressive Fabulafricana young woman..I am Senegalese, Malian, received diverse influences from my Congolese ,people from Ivory Coast, my Malian upbringing thanks to my mother and my countless aunts , cousins,ect…to my stay in America for 10 years,to meeting incredible people from everywhere in this big old world….

I move back home last december and have been discovering new places, new restaurants, new art galleries, old streets, nature,events ,shows, great and bad services at businesses ect, great new stores, fabulous people..ect…

I’ve been wondering how to best format this page but I figured that I’ll just let it do what it do….

On this page , I’ll try 2 share as much about my current journey in Dakar my hometown, so it’ll be filled w/personal pictures of places that I love, thoughts about events I attended..I promise for it 2 stay true 2 who I am because @ the end of the day it’s 1 blog

 Ready..set go..Dakarcity:)